Marina Bielenky

Qualified psychotherapist


Works with

Individual adults in Stroud

About Marina

I work with individuals suffering from distress caused by many different factors, including bereavement, illness, trauma, childhood sexual abuse, burnout and caring for someone who has a condition that is not curable. I aim to create a relationship which is safe enough to explore difficult feelings which may have originated in the past but are now interfering with the ability to find life fulfilling.

I am now working in the new field of Energy Psychology, using EFT (tapping) and AIT (chakra work). These methods connect with the body's energy field and speed up the processing of overwhelming emotion.

Contact details

01453 753050, mob 07446 158889

Practice information

Ground floor room and toilet. No steps
Availability - Negotiable

Further Information

I work in Stroud, within easy reach of Gloucester, Cirencester and Tetbury.

I have been a practicing psychotherapist for around 20 years having fully qualified in 2003 after training at BCPC (Bath Centre for Psychotherapy and Counselling.) This training also entailed seeing a therapist myself. I am on the approved list of psychotherapists at BCPC and have seen clients who are trainee therapists and counsellors.

I aim to provide a safe haven where clients can begin to explore their distress, be understood and find new ways of relating to themselves as well as others. I am very much led by the client, believing that there is always a healthy part of the personality trying to grow and seek fulfillment.

I work long or short term looking at how the relationship between myself and the client develops and is a reflection of the client’s past relationships, particularly those in childhood. Experience has taught me that it is never too late to undo unhealthy patterns of behaviour which may have developed, leading to difficulties with relationships.
I have considerable experience of working with people who have suffered from bereavement and loss of diverse kinds as well as trauma, including childhood sexual abuse. Sometimes parents have not been deliberately cruel but have been unable to meet their particular child’s needs. This can result in low self-esteem, which may affect many areas of a person’s life.

My previous career was that of GP and I am experienced at working with those who have been diagnosed with chronic or life-threatening illness and their carers. I understand the strain and difficulties of caring for a relative and offer reduced rates for such “carers”.

I also know what a burden it can be working in beleaguered public services and I see professionals such as doctors, nurses, teachers and social workers helping them prevent burn out

From 2001-2010 I set up and worked in a counselling service for asylum seekers and refugees and gained a great deal of experience in working with people who have suffered extreme trauma, often including violence of a sexual nature. This work also gave me the capacity to work inter-culturally and with people who had very little English and did not wish to use an interpreter.

I conducted some research (unpublished) with therapists and counsellors working with this group of clients and discovered the need for a type of supervision that focuses on the therapist and her/his emotional well-being as well as that of the client.
I have a diploma in Creative Writing for Therapeutic purposes and am interested in exploring the way that writing can reveal unknown parts of the personality.

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