Jeanette Campbell-Johnston

Qualified psychotherapist

BA, Pg Diploma Occupational Therapy, MA Integrative Psychotherapy

Works with

Individuals in Nailsworth

About Jeanette

There is enormous healing in being seen, accepted and understood.

I try to be open, compassionate, enquiring, and through this find a way to reflect and explore with you the thoughts, feelings and behaviours that underlie who you are and the things that contribute to your difficulties. You will be supported to find a way through them so that other choices and options become more possible within yourself and your relationships and you can begin to feel more at ease and able to enjoy life again.

I am experienced in many kinds of emotional and psychological issues including personal relationships, existential and spiritual crises, bereavement, trauma, depression, anxiety, obsessional states of mind, severe mental distress and eating disorders. I have many years’ experience working in mental health and with culture and difference.

Contact details

07519 128 837

Practice information

No wheelchair access

Further Information about Jeanette

I believe psychotherapy can help us to feel freer, more alive, more related, and more able to find meaning in our lives.

I am a partner in the Cotswold Psychotherapy practice based in Nailsworth. I have a degree in French and English and an initial training as an Occupational Therapist in mental health. I worked for many years with adults individually and in groups and was very interested at this time in using creative arts media in therapy. I was both a supervisor and department manager and later held a position in a community mental health team. During my period with the NHS I had the opportunity to train in psychoanalytic, group, family and couple work.

My interests in language and culture have also lead me to work with refugees over the years. I am currently lead clinician in a Gloucestershire based charity serving this client group. My understanding of intercultural therapy has grown through this work which continues to move me very profoundly.

My approach

I work integratively, using a number of important approaches to inform my practice. I believe in the individual’s innate capacity to self heal which is rooted in humanistic ideas, I also draw on psychoanalytic theory paying attention to unconscious processes, to dreams and fantasies, how they influence our feelings, behaviours and to how the past impacts on current experiences.

I work hard to understand my client’s subjectivity as one that is unique in the world and present in relationship with me – ideas from relational psychotherapy and intersubjectivity theory. At times the emphasis of the work may shift to looking at our relationship too as a way of understanding what is going on. I am also drawn to Jung’s analytical psychology and to contemplative mindfulness based practices which can be deeply helpful.

What happens exactly

We meet usually weekly at the same time in a safe and confidential setting. You are encouraged to speak what’s on your mind, there are no rights and wrongs, and I will listen attentively, working hard to understand you and make sense of your experiences.
We engage in a joint process, I try to be as emotionally available as I can but in a way so as to help you find your own answers.




If you would like to contact me to discuss anything further you are welcome to ring or email. We can set up an initial session to explore the potential of working together and whether psychotherapy will be a helpful process for you. You may also be interested in visiting the Cotswold Psychotherapy Practice website.

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